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 Case studies available:

  GRO in Soil

  EDRO in Soil

  EPH in Soil

  PAHs in Soil

  TPH O&G in Soil

  TPH in Water

  Oil Forensics

  TPH Fingerprinting

  Oil on Metal Surfaces

  UVF-3100 Applications

  TD-500D Applications

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UVF-3100A and D models include software to download calibration and sample data to computer:

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     We have several portable laboratory packages available, which depend on your needs and application.  All three models include analyzer, field case, sample preparation tools, operating instructions, technical support and 1-year warranty.  SOFTWARE included with UVF-3100 models.

Purchase our sample extraction kits and calibration kits separately.  The equipment is easy to operate.  Training can be provided over the phone or in person at your location.


Model No. UVF-3100A
Analyzer is fitted with two optical filter sets for testing gasoline range hydrocarbons separate from the diesel and oil range hydrocarbons.  Use for GRO, EDRO, EPH and TPH applications.  Samples are extracted in solvent using test kits and then measured on the analyzer.  Results take 5 minutes.
Model No. UVF-3100D_
This is our most versitile instrument and can perform hydrocarbon fingerprinting.  Use for GRO, EDRO, EPH, TPH and Target PAHs.  Analyzer is fitted with the same optical filters as the UVF-3100A model plus a third set used for testing polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons.
Model No. TD-500D
This light weight, hand held instrument is used for testing PAHs and TPH containing waste oils, crude oils, bitumen or heavy fuel oils.  The TD-500D is not recommended for jet fuels, gasoline, BTEX or other light-refined petroleum contaminants.
Select a Calibration Kit

   Certified, reusable standards used to calibrate Sitelab's instruments.  These kits ensure accurate measurement and are specially formulated to correlate well to U.S. EPA and other regulatory lab methods.  These products are available with a 3-month or 6-month expiration date and are provided in methanol or hexane solvent.  Certificate of Analysis, quality control instructions and MSDS are included.

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GRO Calibration Kit, Product No. CAL-025

Use with UVF-3100 analyzers to detect BTEX and other volatile petroleum hydrocarbons in the C6-C10 gasoline range.  Common applications include gasolines, jet fuels, gas condensates, kerosene and fuel oils.
  EDRO Calibration Kit, Product No. CAL-042

Use with UVF-3100 analyzers to detect petroleum hydrocarbons in the C10 to C36 diesel and oil range.  Common applications include heating oils, diesel fuel, waste oils, lube oils, crude oils and most other types of TPH.
  PAH Calibration Kit, Product No. CAL-060

Use with UVF-3100D analyzer to detect Target PAHs and Total PAHs (EPH C11-C22 aromatic hydrocarbons).  Common applications include heating oils, diesel fuel, waste oils, crude oils, creosote, coal tar, coal ash, etc.
  TPH-Oil Calibration Kit, Product No. CAL-057

Use for crude oils with UVF-3100 analyzers to detect Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the C10 to C50 range.  This test compares well to EPA Methods 9071B or 1664 by gravimetric for 'oil and grease' range hydrocarbons.
  TD-500D Calibration Kit: TPH-Oil CAL-056
TD-500D Calibration Kit: Heavy PAHs CAL-061
Use Sample Extraction Kits

    Test kits are required for preparing soil, sediment or water samples for analysis on the UVF-3100 or TD-500D analyzers.  Each box includes enough disposable jars, filters and other supplies for testing up to 20 samples quickly, accurately and quality controlled.  Once samples are extracted, they can be retested over and over again for multiple parameters.  Samples take only a few minutes to prepare and analyze!

Samples are prepared using test kits...

20 Sample Extraction Kit, Product No. EXTR010-20
For use with UVF-3100A or UVF-3100D analyzer.

20 Sample Extraction Kit, Product No. EXTR010-20-TD500
For use with Sitelab's TD-500D analyzer.

NOTE: Solvent not included.  Use HPLC grade or high laboratory grade methanol solvent.  Solvent can be purchased from Sitelab if you can't find it from a local supplier.


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