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Test soil or water in five minutes with our easy to use sample test kits!

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  Common applications:

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  » GRO in Soil

  » DRO in Soil

  » PAHs in Soil

  » EPH in Soil

  » TPH in Soil

  » PCBs in Soil

  » LNAPL Oil Forensics

  » TPH Fingerprinting

  » Oil on Metal

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Our laboratory service and use of UVF is approved by state regulatory agency... 

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    Sitelab Corporation manufactures portable laboratory instruments and supplies used to measure TPH contaminates in soil, sediment and water.  We sell and rent equipment and also provide laboratory services.  Sitelab uses ultraviolet fluorescence technology (UVF) to detect concentrations of hydrocarbons commonly found in gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, heating oils, waste oils, coal tars, coal ash, creosote, crude oils and many other petroleum products.


What is your Application?

Need to test for Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons?  Need to test for Gasoline Range Organic Hydrocarbons?  Need to test for Diesel Range Organic Hydrocarbons?

Need to test for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons?  Need to test for Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons?  Identify the type or age of contamination on your site...


    Sitelab’s accuracy, speed and low cost per sample allows customers to delineate contaminated sites much more thoroughly, while minimizing the number of samples sent off-site for lab confirmation.  Savings in disposal costs, treatment, time and labor are also achieved.  Sitelab has carefully developed our products to directly correlate to conventional laboratory GC test methods.  Detection limits are in the low ppb range.


    If you are looking for the best, most versatile field screening tools on the market to save time and money on your next project, you've come to the right place.  We sell and rent our products worldwide.  If you have an application coming up and want to know how our products can be used, browse this website to find what you're looking for or contact Sitelab Corporation for assistance.


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What's new at Sitelab?

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Who's using UVF for TPH?

» Environmental consultants and engineers use Sitelab during site assessments to investigate and determine where, how much and what type of contamination exists on a site.

» Contractors use Sitelab to help guide excavation activities in order to clean up the vertical and horizontal extent of petroleum contamination resulting from underground storage tanks (USTs).

» Scientists and project managers use Sitelab to monitor TPH levels during bioremediation projects, thermo desorption, landfill disposal and many other popular treatment methods.

» Power plants, Brownfields, refineries and other large industrial sites where high numbers of samples must be tested without the high cost and time delays of conventional laboratory analysis.

» Homeowners and property owners who have heating oil spills and resulting contamination, send samples to Sitelab for fast, affordable and reliable test results.   

» Government agencies use Sitelab to monitor and check contaminated sites ranging from oil spills, natural disasters and military activities to regulatory enforcement.

» Laboratory chemists use Sitelab as a quality control tool by pre-screening samples prior to GC analysis or for use in their mobile laboratories for clients who require on-site laboratory support.






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